The Book: Eat Your Way to Wellness

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In the book Eat Your Way to Wellness, Dr. Kasenene lays out a revolutionary way of thinking about food that will inspire you to have a deeper and more meaningful understanding about what you eat.

In recent times, the questions of what, how, and when we should eat have generated so many different and divergent views that many of us are left feeling lost and totally confused about what to eat. It is no wonder that even the most health-conscious people still find challenges in figuring what and how to eat.

Dr. Kasenene goes into detail to help you understand the principles behind a healthy diet, so that you can feel confident in making the right decisions regarding food. He makes what many have seemed complicated simple and practical. He uses logical arguments to explain where we have gone wrong and then goes further to explain how to integrate healthy eating into our lives and onto our plates.

Dr. Kasenene’s advice will change how we view food, enabling us to feel and helping us to be more in control of our wellness. Simple but powerful testimonies found in the book will further illustrate the power of the principles he shares in helping people get well and stay well.